May 15

Audubon Zoo: The Kid Friendly Wild Side of New Orleans

White AlligatorThe Audubon Zoo is one part of the Audubon attractions that can be found in New Orleans and in our humble opinion it is the best attraction of the three. While the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Insectarium were well put together, our experience at the Audubon Zoo makes the other two pale in comparison.Pink FlamingosThe Audubon Zoo is a little on the small size at just 58 acres but the 2,000 plus animals that call the Audubon Zoo home made for an impressive zoo experience.  The grounds of the zoo were well maintained and very clean and the display of flowers and vegetation within the exhibit made the zoo feel very inviting and more spacious then it actually is.  Another impressive thing about the Audubon Zoo is the number of updates that have been made over the years that have transformed it from an old dated zoo to one of the better zoos in the United States.orangutanThere are two award-winning zoo exhibits at the Audubon Zoo and those two are their unique natural habitat of the Louisiana Swamp and the extremely well-designed Jaguar Jungle.  Fortunately for all visitors to the Audubon Zoo the nice exhibits do not stop there but their Asian Domain, primate area, and African Savanna are all worth seeing.  Besides the exhibits the zoo also has several animal activities and animal encounters to choose from.  Some of these extra things will make your visit special they include a a giraffe presentation, elephant activity, a raptor show, and several keeper chats.African Savanna ExhibitThe kiddos will not be disappointed with their time at the zoo, besides having the chance to see several unique species of animals from white tigers to white alligators the Audubon zoo has most of the zoo favorites from large primates, sea lions, elephants, and giraffes.  This Zoo also has two fun children’s play areas, Monkey Hill which is an historic part of the zoo which has received a face lift recently.  Monkey Hill has a rope web for kids to climb on, a waterfall, as well as a safari outpost at the base of the hill.  The zoo also has a traditional petting zoo and carousel along with a variety of other attractions to keep the kids entertained when the animals are just not enough.Elephant ExhibitKaren and I really enjoyed our experience at the zoo.  I found the Louisiana Swamp and the Jaguar Jungle to be really top notch exhibits, well designed and planned out.  Both exhibits gave their animals a good amount of space which is always nice to see.  The Asian Domain was probably my next favorite exhibit in the zoo and the Asian Elephant area was very unique because you end up being so close to the animals. The Audubon Zoo was also improving that particular exhibit which is nice to see that they are trying to improve not only the visitor’s experience but also the lives of their animals.  Karen was a big fan of the cosmetics of the zoo and just could not get over the grand entrance with their very large elephant water fountain.  Once she saw that she knew she was going to enjoy the rest of the zoo.PeacockWhile the Audubon Zoo did not crack our top 10 zoos in the United States when we first wrote them a while back it would not be far from joining that list today.  It was well worth the time, the only downside to a visit to the Audubon Zoo is the rather expensive price tag for what is a medium sized zoo. At close to $20 for adults and $10 for children the Audubon Zoo could be an expensive day out for most families.  It was fun and we are both glad that we took some of our time while visiting New Orleans to go but if we ever go back I doubt we would make a return trip if we could not find some sort of coupon. 

To see our other zoo reviews like the Audubon Zoo click here Audubon zoo EntranceAudubon Zoo
Located at 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 and over $17.50 Seniors 65 and over $13.00 Children 2 to 12 $12.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.auduboninstitute.org/visit/zoo

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  1. freda

    Wow Do all those feathers belong to one peacock???????

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I know, can you believe how many feathers he has! It was quite the spectacle when they were fanned out.

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