May 13

Take-Away Donuts: MMMM Donuts!

Karen and I took a last minute trip to New Orleans during my time off for spring break.  We thought of several different locations at first, but with our little girl who still struggles with longer rides in the car  itnkind of helped us make our decision to go someplace a little bit closer to home.  Since it was a last minute decision our room accommodations were a bit limited we either had to spend a couple hundred a night, stay in some low reviewed hotels, or stay outside the city.  We choose the latter.  We ended up finding a decently priced and well reviewed La Quinta Inn & Suites Hotel in Boutte, Louisiana.  Although it was a bit of a drive to the places that we wanted to see we ended up liking our stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As we were driving along Highway 90 we were looking for places that we might want to eat and get some food when I noticed a sign for Take-Away Donuts, and once I saw the sign I begged Karen to stop.  Being a loving life she allowed it, but only because we are on vacation.  She usually tries to limit my sugar intake because she loves me and knows that if she did not limit it I would probably have type II diabetes because I like me some sweet stuff.  Once in we asked the lady that was running the counter what kind of donuts they had and what she recommended.  She told us that everything is good boy howdy was she ever right.   We got a few of their glazed donuts crème filled and topped it off with some chocolate ones.   They were so good we ended up going back twice.

Take-Away Donuts really hit the spot on our vacation when we were craving something sweet I just wish we would have tried some of their king cake because we head that it is delicious.  Just to let you know we were not paid or perked to write this review in fact we doubt Take-Away Donuts has any idea who we are.  Karen and I just wanted to give our humble opinion on Take-Away Donuts.

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Take-Away Donuts
Located at 13441 Highway 90 Boutte, LA
For More Information call 985-785-6747

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