May 11

Travel Tip: Why You Should Shop Around

Travel Tip: Why You Should Shop Around

Renting a car from the airport sure is convenient, but your wallet will take a hit for how easy it is.  Karen and I both drive older model vehicles that have some mileage on them so to help preserve them we rent a car whenever we travel.  It sure saves a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles and since I have a gas guzzler we almost break even if we go for a small car that gets good mpg.  However lately on our last two trips it has seemed like renting a car is starting to cost both an arm and a leg.

Recently Karen and I have been planning a trip to one of our favorite cities Saint Louis and decided to go ahead and rent the car thinking that the further out we rent it the more we can save.  I checked all the national rental agencies, hotwired it, and a few other spots but they were all close to 400 dollars after taxes and fees for our extended trip.  Karen and I then talked about not going or using our own vehicle to go.

I then hit on the notion to check out other rental places other than the airport.  As soon as I did that the price for one car rental place went from around $370 to $170.  The fees alone went from $107 to $27 the only inconvenience to us was picking up the car between certain hours, but for around $200 in savings we will make it work out.  I am not sure that this will work every time, but from now on we will definitely be shopping around and checking the places outside of the airport.

Travel Tip: Common Sense Rental Tips  
1. Shop Around
2. Use the Internet to your Advantage
3. Look Outside of the Airport
4. Call to see if they can give you a better deal than their competition
5. Exhaust all options and you will feel better about your decision

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  1. Lori

    Wow! Way to go Kenny, that is a BIG savings!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you Lori, we were glad we did some shopping around. We might not have taken our trip if we didn’t get that good deal.

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