May 06

Tip of the Week: Go Outside

Tip of the Week: Go Outside

One of the big changes for us since M, our baby girl, has been born is the amount of time that we have spent outside.  Not that we were a couple of homebodies or something, but now just about every day (weather permitting) we go for a late afternoon walk.  M loves it, but the walk is just as much for us as her.

Going outside gives us a chance to disconnect from the world and leave our “plugged-in lifestyle” behind.  We do not answer our phones, text people while we are on our walk, or really give two-cents to anything that anybody else is doing and just enjoy the scenery.  I know that might seem difficult to do, but now that we are in the habit of unplugging it has become our favorite part of the day. Try it because our hour long walks have allowed us to do something that we thought we were doing, but were not – talk.  When was the last time you had a really nice conversation, one that did not involve something you read online saw on television or was gossip about somebody?

Even though we usually just walk around the neighborhood and do the same loop just about every time it seems like we always see something new.  What helps with this is that M is so excited about everything and that is a little contagious. So we constantly point out birds and squirrels to her which she enjoys looking at so we enjoy finding them.  It is amazing how just spotting a blue jay has come to mean something for us.  We have gotten to know our neighbors a little bit more, people are a little bit friendlier and M has gotten her wave down to a science to get people to smile though she is still a little frightened when they get close to her.

Besides the obvious physical benefits of going outside the mental health side is also important.  We love going for our walks and disconnecting from our day to enjoy the simpler things in life.  Try it and see if it will bring you the same happiness that it has brought us.

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