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May 30

USS Kidd: The Pirate of the Pacific

WWII Fighter

USS Kidd is a Fletcher-class destroyer that saw action in both World War II and the Korean War, and now serves as part of the Louisiana Veterans Memorial which is located in Baton Rouge.  A visit to the Louisiana Veterans Memorial along with the Old State Capitol or the other museums along the River Road …

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May 29

M’s week 51

M's week 51

51 week photo Just one more short week and we will be the parents of a one year old.  I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly.  Everyone always says it does and I know the next sixteen years will fly just as fast so I better soak up the minutes.  It has …

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May 28

The French Quarter: The Heart of New Orleans

Jackson Square

The French Quarter and New Orleans seem to go together like air and breathing.  Part of our apprehension about visiting New Orleans was that outside of the French Quarter we did not know what else there was to see.  After doing some research on all the things there are to see and do in New Orleans …

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May 27

Memorial Day Quiz

Memorial Day

Since we are a country of immigrants we end up celebrating a lot of holidays here in the states.  However today we celebrate a special holiday, one that does not come from a culture or religion, but a holiday that all Americans can embrace and reflect upon.  Memorial Day is a holiday that we celebrate, …

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May 25

Top 10 Things to see or do in Kansas City

KC fountains

Having grown up about an hour away from Kansas City and then traveling there frequently with my wife Karen I would say that I have been to the City of Fountains dozens of times.  Karen and I have found it to be a great city to visit for a weekend trip not so big that the …

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May 24

Teaching Tip of the Week: Recharge the Batteries

recharge the batteries

As memorial weekend is upon us most schools have shut their doors for the summer and now is the time for us teachers to recharge the batteries for next year.  I do not know about you, but for me I end up putting so much into a school year from everything that takes place in …

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May 23

The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy

the big nowhere

The Big Nowhere by James Ellroy “Call me Dudley. We’re of equal rank. I’m older, but you’re far better looking. I can tell we’re going to be grand partners.” The Big Nowhere is the second book of James Ellroy’s Hollywood Quartet which is a ridiculously dark, entertaining, and hypnotic crime fiction series set in Los …

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May 22

New Orleans Museum of Art: Fine Culture in New Orleans

Art of the Americas

The New Orleans Museum of Art is an expansive collection that houses over 4000 years of art in its many galleries.  They have European paintings that span the last 500 years, as well as work on this side of the pond that represents American works from the 18th to the 21st century.  The New Orleans …

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May 21

M’s week 50


**I cannot even contemplate the idea that she will be an entire YEAR old in just two short weeks! 50 week photo Highlight of the week: Karen- The weekends are always a highlight for me because we have our sweet Daddy here at home with us. We got a lot of work done and had …

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May 20

Tip of Week: Take Better Care of your Body

take care of your body

Take better care of your body is a pretty common sense thing to have for a tip of the week, but honestly how many of us out there do it?  Now I am not talking about getting into super shape or eating healthy all the time, and if you are one of those types that …

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