Apr 30

M’s week 47

47 Weeks

47 week photo

This has been a fantastic week!  Neil and Julie and their little baby girl came down to visit and Kenny’s Mom and Dad were down for the weekend too.  We had so much fun with all of them.  I stayed up until TWO in the morning hanging out with two of my sisters, we were talking and laughing and making a bunch of cute hair bows for our sweet baby girls.  M was a little shy of all the visitors at first but she warmed up right away and I know she LOVED having her family here with her.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- While we were at my Mom and Dad’s house on Saturday M pulled herself up in front of their couch and was just holding on with her hands.  All of a sudden she let completely go and just stood there for about fifteen seconds all by herself.  I was so elated I started shouting “oh!! Look, look look!!”.  It was unbelievable!

Kenny- Watching M eat her little puffs was pretty exciting.  She uses her little pointer finger and thumb and just picks them up and puts them right in her mouth.  She is really loving the ones Grandma gave her.

Product we are loving:

Karen- My sister Julie is so kind hearted.  She brought down a bunch of sweet dresses and cute outfits that she is letting me borrow for baby M before her little girl even has a chance to wear them.  I am also loving the fun hair bows we made.

Kenny- My mom brought M some little nesting cups that have numbers on the bottom.  They also have a corresponding number of holes in the bottom of each cup so when we play with them in the bath tub water rains and streams out the bottom.  M just loves them.


Karen- It was hard to split our time up between all our company.  We wanted to spend all the time with everyone.  It was really good to get some visiting time in regardless.

Kenny- Now that the weather is warming up M’s bedroom seems to be the warmest room of our house.  We try to be frugal and hold off from turning on the air conditioner.  We run her ceiling fan and her little table fan but sometimes we just have to break down and turn on the air conditioner.


Picture of the Week

Something we have learned:

Karen- When she was a bit younger and would find a little crumb or fuzzy on the floor she would pick it right up and show it to me and go on about her playing.  But now that she has gotten used to eating her little puffs or yogurt bites she thinks all those little things are edible.  I have to really watch her now and make sure she doesn’t eat random things.  She is especially enamored with grass and leaves.


Quote of the week:

While on one of our many walks around the neighborhood I was carrying M in the Baby Bjorn and a sweet older lady called out “Oh!  I thought that was a doll…. and she IS a doll”.  So sweet!

M vs Giraffe Week 47

M vs Giraffe Week 47

It has been a great forty-seventh week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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