Apr 29

What Makes Our Marriage Work – Keep Trying

One great thing about a good relationship is that it is always evolving.  Kenny and I aren’t perfect by any means and we don’t have a picture perfect relationship but we love each other so much and we make it a priority to keep working on our relationship.  It seems like so often today people just give up on their marriage, with a divorce rate of over 50% something must be going on.  More and more things today are disposable and relationships seem to be no exception.
If I could give couples a piece of advice it would be to keep trying, don’t give up. Granted some relationships aren’t going to make it and shouldn’t, but if you love someone enough to make a lifelong commitment and actually get married that is worth fighting for.

So if you find yourself in the heat of a disagreement or sulking in the other room after an argument, don’t give up. Take a deep breath, give your partner some time to cool off and come back together at a calmer time and talk through things. A lot of times all it takes is for your partner to know that you are trying to understand their point of view and work things out and they will calm down and meet you halfway too.

Keep trying, a great relationship is worth the effort!

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