Apr 22

Monday Musing: Yellowstone It Is!

08-07-2010 Yellowstone Hot Pots 03.jpgKaren and I would just like to thank all those that voted the poll that has been running these last couple of weeks, and we are very excited that you have chosen for us to go to Yellowstone for our next big vacation.  It will be my fourth time going and Karen’s second.  We both have so many good memories of our last vacation there and are looking forward to sharing our adventure with you.

The poll breakdown was

Yellowstone 26 votes
New York 13 votes
Florida Keys 11 votes
Chicago 7 votes
San Diego 5 votes

Thanks again for taking the time to vote and like always Happy Travels!


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1 comment

  1. freda

    WaHoo…. sounds like fun. You’ll do the best vacations.

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