Apr 21

Sunday Scripture: Psalm 104:24

O Lord, how many are Your works! You made them all in wisdom. The earth is full of what You have made.

We have spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend and we find ourselves just gazing in wonder at the beautiful, colorful flowers and the crisp green grass.  The trees just starting to bud out leaves and even all the little birds and squirrels skittering around.  It is impossible to see these magnificent things and not praise The Creator for giving us all of these amazing things to enjoy.

It is such a joy to spend time outside especially spending time with the ones you love.  M adores being outside so sometimes even when we are busy and have so many things that we ‘should’ be doing we just stop everything and go for a nice little walk around our neighborhood.  It is amazing how being out in the fresh air can give you a whole new perspective on your day.  It gives Kenny and me a chance to talk to each other and even hold hands.

The next time you are having an off day or just need a little pick me up, take a little walk outside and praise The Lord for his wonderful creation.

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