Apr 13

Summer Movies 2013

Being two people who enjoy going to the movies Karen and I always look forward to the summer blockbuster season. While there are a lot of movies that come out during the summer unfortunately most of them end up not being worth the price of the ticket.  Here is a list of ten summer movies for 2013 that Karen and I are excited to see and hope that they live up to our expectations.

May 3rd Ironman 3

You know it is the summer movie season when the latest Marvel superhero movie is in the theaters.  Last year’s Avengers was the hit of the summer movie season and Ironman 3 is kick starting the next chapter in the Marvel Universe.  Based on the trailer it looks like they are starting the next round off right.

May 17th Star Trek into Darkness

I was never a Star Trek fan until J.J. Abrams reboot of the franchise a few years ago now I am looking forward to his sequel.

June 7th After Earth

Will M. Night Shyamalan’s string of horrible movies end with his science fiction take on what earth will be like a thousand years from now?  I hope so because After Earth seems like there is a lot of potential there, but that has not been the first time I have had that thought when it comes to one of his movies.  We shall see…

June 7th Now You See Me

Now You See Me is one of the few summer blockbusters that is not a sequel, prequel, or reboot which is a breath of fresh air.  This seems like it could be one of those movies that could be really great or the plot will be just so implausible that it will leave the audience asking themselves why.

June 14th Man of Steel

This Superman reboot looks like it could be worthy of the character.  This film seems like it has the potential to be the movie of the summer, but I am trying to keep expectations low because of the last one they tried to make.  I hope this production team has learned from their predecessors mistakes.

June 21st World War Z

Another year another movie about zombies, but this one has the potential to outshine those that have come before it.  First there is quality star power in Brad Pitt and second it looks like they spared no expense in making it.  Now let’s just see if the plot holds up to make it worthwhile.

June 21st Monsters University

Karen and I hope this is as good as Monster’s Inc and that Pixar can get its grove back after last year’s lackluster movie Brave.  Only time will tell if both of these wishes will come true.

July 3rd Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger has Director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp teaming up once again let us just hope that they can capture some of the magic that they had in the first Pirates of the Caribbean Movie.

August 9th Elysium

Elysium looks like one of the few original storylines to come out this summer and is from the director that made District 9.  So, it has at least two things going for it from the jump.  Hopefully it will be as exciting as its premise.

August 23rd The World’s End

The World’s End is movie the final movie in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy staring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  Karen and I really enjoyed the first two movies in the set Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so we are especially looking forward to seeing what this one has in store.

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