Apr 11

What Makes Our Marriage Work: take an interest in your spouses interests

A great way to keep your marriage strong is to take an interest in things that your spouse enjoys.  You don’t have to pretend to enjoy them too, but at least give them a try.  You never know, you might enjoy them too.

Want to know a secret?  I had never even seen a soccer game before I met Kenny!  Actually there were quite a few sporting events that I hadn’t seen before my hubby came along.  Now I actually enjoy watching soccer on tv and I try not to miss any of his school soccer games.  I have had to miss a few this year just because baby M is such a little thing still and the weather is pretty chilly but if I can I love to be at every one of his games.  I ask him questions and have really gotten to know the game pretty well.  I know he appreciates that I am interested.

Kenny has also made a lot of effort to take part in things that I enjoy.  We have been to many, many art museums and several different botanical gardens.  I know these aren’t the type of place Kenny would necessarily visit by himself, but it is so sweet that he seeks them out while we are on vacation because he knows how much I enjoy them.

It’s not even necessarily doing the activity that helps your marriage, but just knowing that your spouse is making the effort to appreciate your interests makes you feel so loved.

Give it a try!

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