Mar 21

Flora Photography Number 2: Shy Scarlett Snapshot

red flowerThis scarlett beauty was shot on a recent visit to Tyler Texas.  We got the opportunity to visit the Municipal Rose Garden and were pleasantly surprised to see several plants were already in bloom.  I was afraid we would be welcomed by a bunch of sticks since we are just coming out of winter but there were quite a few bushes with full blooms not to mention about a million buds just waiting to break forth.  I think that is one of the special things about this picture.  It shows an emergence from winter to spring, a new start and new life, warmth returning after a long cold winter.

I really like the angle that Kenny was able to achieve.  It almost looks like the flower is shyly batting her eyelashes and turning her head ever so slightly to the right.  It reminds me of some of the flowers in the garden in Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, like it could just come to life and say hello.

Kenny has really been learning a lot and getting a feel for his new camera.  I’m proud of him and all of his photography.

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