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Fort Worth Zoo: A Texas Sized Zoo

snakes eyesThe Fort Worth Zoo is one of the highest rated zoos in the United States having been rated a top zoo by various newspapers and other publications.  So going in Karen and I had pretty high hopes for the zoo, and though it did not disappoint, Karen and I did not see what the fuss was all about.  Don’t get me wrong they do have some nice exhibits and one top of the line exhibit in their Museum of Living Art, but we have been to several zoos that we thought provided a better experience.Gorilla by waterfallWhile not a bigger zoo compared to others at just 64 acres, its design being more linear makes it feel a lot bigger than it actually is.  The Fort Worth Zoo has 12 permanent exhibit areas that house over 556 different species of animals including over 40 on the endangered species list.  A visit to the Fort Worth Zoo will give any visitor a chance to see a large variety of animals including several that are not found at many other zoos in the United States.  Some of these animals include bonobos which are pygmy chimps, the African crowned eagle, and the gharial crocodiles.Dad and M by MonkeysKaren and I thought that just about every exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo was well put together, and we could see why it is well liked and popular.  The exhibits had a natural feel to them, the animals seem to be well taken care of and happy, and with exception of just a few animals they have large spaces in which to roam.  The only thing that Karen and I did not like was the Texas Wild exhibit.  I do not know if it is because we have been to other zoos like the Minnesota Zoo with their Minnesota Trails exhibit or the Oklahoma City Zoo and its Oklahoma Trails exhibit that left of us thinking that the Texas Wild exhibit had something lacking.  To us it just seemed like the Fort Worth Zoo made up its mind to build an old western theme amusement area first and then add the animal exhibits were they would fit in later.Texas WildOther than the Texas Wild Karen and I enjoyed just about every exhibit that was at the Fort Worth Zoo.  The world of Primates was well put together with large areas for all their primates and what makes this area special is the fact that they have all four Great Ape Species.  Asian Falls which is a nice exhibit that features a variety of animals from that continent including elephants, tigers, rhinos, and sun bears.  Raptor Canyon features a variety of birds in large cages.  Cheetahs, Flamingo Bay, and Meerkat Mounds are three spacious exhibits for those animals.  The African Savannah and Great Barrier Reef are nice additions that showcase some animals from that part of the world.  Then saving the best for last, the Museum of Living Art (MOLA) is the showcase piece of the Fort Worth Zoo.Gharial CrocodilesThe MOLA is a 30,000 square foot herpetarium that has won numerous national awards.  If you are interested in reptiles and amphibians then seeing this area will make your day at the Fort Worth Zoo because there is more than 100 different species of them that call the MOLA home.   Some of the animals you can see here are king cobras, a 15 foot Burmese python, komodo dragons, and a saltwater crocodile.  We both would classify this as one of the best exhibits that we have ever visited.Dad and M viewing fishOverall, the Fort Worth Zoo is a very nice zoo and well worth a visit if you are in the area.  Is it one of the best zoos that we have seen? No, but if I lived in the Fort Worth area I would have a member pass because with that many animals and a top notch exhibit like the Museum of Living Art there would always be something to see.GiraffesFort Worth Zoo
Located at 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth, TX
Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily from February 16th through October 27th with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday starting in late March and lasting until late October.
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 to 64 $12 Children 3 to 12 and Seniors 65 and over $9 plus parking is $5
For more information visit their website at http://www.fortworthzoo.org/

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