Mar 11

Tip of the Week: Stick to your Principles

Going to try a new topic over the next couple of weeks to see how it goes, please let me know if you like the new segment or should I go back to my musing.

On past Mondays over the last year I usually write about something that has been on my mind, however lately I have found that there has not been a whole lot going on up there.  I do not know if it is reaching crunch time at work, the fact that I am coaching now, or it might be that M has not slept all that well over the last couple of weeks, but I have not done a whole lot of ponderingly lately.  So instead I am going to write about something that has made my week a little bit easier.

Today’s tip of the week is stick to your principles.  One of the things that I pridein  the guys that I coach is that they are student athletes and the student part comes first.  I as their coach will be harder on them then I am on all my other students.  Well today my guys were facing our biggest rival, and as someone as competitive as I am I want to win everything that I take part in.  It does not matter if it is playing a video game amongst friends or how my class scores on their end of the year test I want to win.  Now today for whatever reason my normally well behaved team decided that they were going to cause some problems.  Now it was not my whole team, but a few individuals and nothing that was going to get them kicked out of school or sent home.  But I had already drawn the line with them and they know if they cross it not only will they suffer the consequences but so will the team.   Since it was a game day those three individuals, even though the teacher said it was not that big of a deal, all had to pay the price of their misdeed.

I wrestled with the decision, but I knew I had to stick to my principles and did not start them.  Here we are with our season on the line and I sit two of my best players.  Now we ended up winning the game 1-0, and are still in the running to win our league, but the more important thing is that my team learned that no matter what if you make a mistake you will have to face the consequences for your actions.  If I had not stuck to my principles then that lesson would have been lost on them.

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