Mar 09

Photography Tip: cropping is cool

Hi guys, Karen here.  Between myself and Kenny I am definitely the amatuer photographer.  I marvel at Kenny’s ability to frame a shot, crouch down to the right level, move around to get the angles perfect or adjust his body to find the right lighting.  He just ‘sees’ things that I can’t yet.  I don’t have that eye for it.  Sometimes I get lucky and get a really nice shot, but nine times out of ten it is just a coincidence and not because of anything that I set up.

One thing I have discovered is that cropping can take a good picture into the realm of greatness.  It takes my ordinary shot and makes it that much better.  It’s like I can go from and average ‘Karen’ shot and then in post processing I can get just the right angle and make it an awesome ‘Kenny’ shot.  (Kenny would blush and say that I’m buttering him up but it’s the truth, I am so proud of him and his photography skills).

Here is one example of a picture that I took recently.  This first one is the straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot:


Then the second shot is after did my nice crop job.

eating dinnerThey are both nice pictures, but the second one just makes her eyes pop so much more, probably because her face is closer.  So, the moral of the story is… if you’re just getting started with photography, don’t give up on a picture just because it doesn’t look great at first.  Sometimes with some creative cropping you can still end up with a great shot.

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  1. freda

    I think both of these pictures are great. Maybe it is because I am partial to any picture taken by my daughter of my granddaughter. Love you both.

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