Feb 27

What Makes Our Marriage Work – a few minutes to connect

Whew!  Who knew that being full time parents and full time employees and coaches and bloggers and home remodelers would take so much time!? I guess we should have seen it coming when we tried to commit to so many different endeavors but they all just have a way of slurping up your time.  Sometimes it begins to feel like Kenny and I are just two ships passing in the night, or we are sailing in the same direction but not side by side.  That is about a 180 degree change from our lives before our sweet baby.  We relished spending hours together talking and pampering each other.  It can feel pretty lonely at times when we were so used to spending so much time together.

One thing that has really seemed to help us stay connected is just taking some time at the end of the day to reconnect.  As we get into bed at the end of a long day we pray together.  At first it can feel a little intimidating to pray out loud with another person, it is such an intimate moment with God, but the more we did it the more natural it has become.  It is really a special time that we both look forward to and it seems to bring our focus back to the important things in life.

We also take a few minutes to really talk to each other, talk about our day, our upcoming plans, our goals and how we are both doing and just reconnect.  It isn’t always a lot of time but I really treasure that little time in our day when we are once again focused on each other.  It can really make a difference in your day (and your marriage) to just take a few minutes to connect and realign your sails.

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