Feb 26

M’s week 38

M's week 3838 week photo

What a fun week we have had!  We went to the library and got a bunch of new board books for M to enjoy, then we went furniture shopping (two different days) to several stores and finally settled on a leather sectional for the newly finished living room.  We also found an awesome deal on a master bedroom suite so we went ahead and purchased it too.  It feels exciting to finally get some nice furniture into our new space.  M was such a great little shopper buddy, I think Kenny is already worried about what a good shopper she is.

The weathermen were forecasting a MAJOR blizzard yesterday so we got stocked up on groceries and were preparing for the worst.  Boy were they wrong, we got a ton of rain and about thirty flakes of snow.  Oh well, it never hurts to be prepared huh?  It would have been nice to have another snow day with Daddy here at home.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Finding a good deal on some nice furniture was quite a highlight for me.  I think M really likes them so far too.  She can really maneuver around that sectional.

Kenny- She is getting pretty good at pulling herself up on the ottoman and other furniture.  She’ll be standing and walking before I can blink!

Product we are loving:

Karen- I hate to confess this but store bought baby food is such a blessing.  I had lofty goals of making all of M’s baby food from scratch (and I still have plans to switch over to home made), but when she was needing prunes to help her digestion I switched to store bought and she gobbles that stuff right down.  It is such a smooth texture I think that is what she loves about it.  It is hard to get home made that velvety.

Kenny- We are always looking for ways to entertain M which is not always easy to do because we are making a conscientious effort to not let her watch television at all. This means we always have to be on and eventually she will get bored with what we are doing and be ready to move on to the next thing. While looking for something to do we came across an old container of bubbles that we had from a wedding and boy dowdy did she like that. She likes to reach for them or we will catch them and let her pop them M just has a blast.


Karen- I’m still trying to balance all of the things that I need to do during the day.  I never feel ‘caught up’ or finished or settled, I’m always thinking about the next thing I need to take care of or what I should be doing right now!

Kenny- Sometimes not knowing exactly what to do with her.  We read books and play and interact with her toys and sing and dance, but sometimes we have exhausted all our best efforts and we aren’t sure what to do next.
She loves Daddy! Picture of the Week

Something we have learned:

Karen- She loves to be out and about doing things and going places.  You’d think that would wear her out and make her cranky but she loves it.  It keeps her entertained and her little brain growing and learning new things and places and helps her nap better because she’s been busy all day.

Kenny- M is a good little shopper which could be a scary thing for my wallet down the road. She did such a great job not fussing and just taking it all in.

Quote of the week:

M is really working hard on her speech and vocabulary lately.  If you ask her to repeat you she will really watch your mouth and listen and start to move her own mouth to form the same words.  She will repeat Bub-ba, Da da, Ma ma and she has attempted sis-sy (no I’m not pregnant lol).
M vs giraffe week 38

M vs Giraffe Week 38

It has been a great thirty-eighth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    What a cutie M is. So full of life and interested in everything. She looks excited about the most simple things.

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