Feb 25

Monday Musing: Get on the MLS Bandwagon

As I was driving home today from work I was listening to the local sports-talk radio and they were talking about the usual stuff, the local college teams, some professional sports, and the upcoming draft.  All good stuff then as they were pulling into commercial he was telling his producer to turn the channel from the soccer game because he had seen enough and he would rather watch something like the weather station.

Now I get it, if you do not understand the sport it can be hard to watch and even boring at times.  Tennis and golf are that way for me.  I do not play those things so watching them is pretty much out of the question though I give it a go from time to time. Yet, however you may feel about soccer it is here and it is only going to get bigger with the ever changing demographics of America.

The reason that I am even bringing this up is the fact that this weekend will mark the 18th season of Major League Soccer in the states.  Is it the best league?  Not even close but with each season the product on the field is getting better.  Just the fact that many players make the jump to “bigger and better leagues” each year is a testament to that improvement.  MLS has set attendance records two years running which is pretty amazing considering our economy has not been that stellar.  There are more soccer specific stadiums than ever before and if you get a chance to go to a game in Kansas City, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, or Salt Lake you will realize just how many passionate fans there are out there.

Of course, MLS is not going to replace the NFL, NBA, or even MLB overnight, but it is catching them.  As more kids are growing up playing soccer or have children that are playing soccer they will eventually accept MLS as their home league and support it more.

Now that sports radio guy probably will never have to worry about talking about soccer on his show because he will probably be retired before it gets to that point, but the next generation of local sports radio guys might want to start paying attention and get on the MLS Bandwagon because it is here to stay.  If you are soccer fan living in America and have not joined the MLS Bandwagon yet because it is not on par with the “big boy leagues” in Europe, try giving MLS your support so it can eventually become a league that you would watch.  If you are not in to soccer try giving it a chance it just might surprise you.

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