Feb 18

Monday Musing: President’s Day Quiz

Karen and I just want to wish everybody Happy Presidents’ Day.  This day, besides celebrating our President and those who came before him, gave some of us a three day weekend thanks to the 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  So I hope you poured yourself a glass and made a toast to our Presidents because they have deserved it.  Wait… you did celebrate today with patriotic fervor and love for the United States right?  Today should stand right next to the 4th of July in patriotic importance but it doesn’t because how can anybody get excited about it when it is a celebration for all presidents and some of them are not worth celebrating – William Henry Harrison ring any bells? Probably not because he only served 32 days as president mostly from his sick bed.  So happy George Washington’s birthday, (Feb. 21st) while not a perfect man he is the Father of our Country.  To celebrate, take our President’s Day Quiz and see how much you know about him and those that followed his lead.

What do you know about about U.S. Presidents

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  1. freda

    I guess I’m not a very good guesser.
    I need to go back and reread your blog on test taking. lol

    1. Kenny and Karen

      At the very least we hope you had fun with it and maybe learned a few things about the presidents

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