Feb 10

Sunday Scripture – Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


This evening as Kenny and I were considering which verse we would like to use for our Sunday Scripture the thought of rest just overcame me.  We just arrived home from a fun filled three day weekend road trip and are both just completely zapped of energy.  The past several weeks have felt pretty energy draining.  We have had so much to do and M has been keeping us up a lot during the night, the thought of rest is just so very appealing.

Then as I looked deeper into this verse it isn’t even about sleep.  As amazing as some really good sleep would be right about now, this verse seems to speak of something even greater than rest.  It is a peace that comes from resting in The Lord and just knowing that everything will work out according to His will.  Rather than trying to make it on your own, carrying all of your struggles and worries, turn them over to God He is bigger than them all and can easily carry you right along with any problems you have.  It doesn’t mean it will always be easy but you can find rest in Him.

So, this coming week we will try to rest in Him and seek the peace that comes with it.  We pray the same rest for you.

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