Feb 07

When Blogging it is Easier to have the End in Mind

When Karen and I started this little odyssey of ours we had no idea at all what we were doing.  We talked about what we wanted to put on our blog, which we did not see eye-to-eye to begin with.  Sometimes we still have problems with that for instance she still does not know why I am so fixated with trying to write every day.  Some days like today I ask myself that very same question, and nine times out of ten I come up with the same conclusion, because I can.  The only problem with writing so many posts is now trying to get them all organized and linked together.

If I could start over again which I hope will never ever have to happen I would start with the end in mind.  I now know what I want my website to do but getting there is two different stories.  What I would like to happen is that my entire category posts to be a linked in a way for anybody that might be reading them to be able to quickly get to others like it.  For example when I was typing up yesterday’s top 10 for St. Louis I started thinking gee there should be link on here that would lead a reader to any other post I did for St. Louis.  When I got that done I thought wouldn’t it be nice if all my travel post had some sort of link to all the posts for that city or state.  So now after having made a common sense assessment of what I should be doing I have to go back and add links to all the previous posts.

Blogging, I have found out, is so much easier working backwards which is why it has been fun and frustrating at the same time.  I see it as a giant puzzle and once I get two pieces to connect the right way I have to go back and rework all the other pieces so they too fit correctly.  So one thing that I have learned in my nearly two years of keeping our little slice of the world wide web going is that it is easier to have the end in mind instead of making the story up as I go.

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