Feb 04

Monday Musing: The Price of DIY

Karen and I are amateur DIY people basically because we cannot afford for anybody else to do it.  Luckily for us we have Karen’s Dad who handles any major electrical issues, helps figure out any remodeling conundrums we might have, and has about any tool that we might need to get the job done with his help we have been able to get move right along and transform our house from the 1970s shag carpet and metallic wallpaper to an open space wood floor home that we feel comfortable to live.  Do we have a long way to go? Heck yeah, but at least we are no longer leaving on a concrete slab.

I wish we could say that we have moved a lot faster and sometimes watching a DIY show can be frustrating as the happy couple is enthused with how well their remodeling project has gone.  If I hear, “I am so happy that we did this project, and would do it again in a heartbeat” ever again I think I might be sick.  I am sure Karen and I would be happy with our project and would be thrilled to do it again if it was over in a week and had a specialized team come in, do it for us and take away the mess when they were finished.  Unfortunately, our reality is not the same as what we see on the television.  For that matter is anybodies?

So what is the price of DIY?  For us it has been tired bodies, a house that just seems like it can never get completely organized, and the fact that it seems like we can never get comfortable in our own home.  Now a lot of that has been by our own design.  We wait for things to go on sale and in some cases almost too long when something like when our flooring was discontinued.  Luckily we found some in Oregon.  Karen and I are not the most decisive people in the world so we have painted our living room 3 times.  I hope Karen is in love with our current color because if she asks me to paint it again I will probably go crazy.  We also have gone on vacations when we probably should have stayed home to work on the house.

It might seem like I am whining a little bit here but I am not.  I am really happy that Karen and I have chosen the DIY path.  Every little accomplishment we make on the house fills us with pride and joy.  The idea that we are making this house into the home we have envisioned is something nobody can take away from us.  Well, as long as we keep making the mortgage payments they can’t.  Will it ever be our dream home?  No, but it will be our home and with each floor board we put down and every wall we paint it gets a little bit closer to feeling like a home.  So has the price of DIY been paid yes, but it is a price that Karen and I have been willing to pay and would again.

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