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Killing Floor by Lee Child

Killing Floor“He nodded again.  He had crashed through the barrier.  He had stopped worrying and started relaxing.  He was up on the plateau where you just did whatever needed doing.  I knew that place.  I lived there.”

I had no knowledge of this book or the running series of Reacher novels until the Tom Cruise movie hit theaters.  I figured that I would check out the novel before I rent the move from Redbox because 9 times out of 10 the novel is better than the movie. I figured I should start with the first Reacher novel which is called the Killing Floor.  It is like a summer movie wrapped up in a cover of a book.  A illogical plot, plenty of action, and, pieces of the plot that fall nicely into place throughout the book which makes you want to keep reading until the end.  When I my wife asked me about the book because she was interested in the movie I told her the main character is John McClane from Die Hard but just more antisocial and intelligent.

The Killing Floor starts with the protagonist, Jack Reacher, being arrested for a murder he did not commit.  Reacher, on a whim tells a bus driver to let him off in the imaginary town of Margrave because he remembers his estranged brother talking about a blues singer who was killed there years ago.  When Reacher arrives in the town and stops at the local diner for breakfast the local cops bust in on him and take him in for questioning.  Reacher, being a retired member of the military police, knows exactly what the lead detective is going to do before he does it and pokes holes throughout the local cops theory.  As Reacher finds out more about the crime and how the murder takes place he lets the detective in on how he thinks it went down. As Reacher learns more about the crime he comes to the shocking discovery that the murder victim is none-other than his brother who he has not seen in years.  A brother who worked for the Feds, but is now dead in a small out of the way town. Reacher wants answers and though his brother and he had not seen each other in years, family is family so he wants revenge.

Lee Child’s Killing Floor is an action packed mystery novel that carries enough suspense that it makes it easy to overlook the illogical plot lines or as some would put it, some sort of crazy coincidence.  Overall, I enjoyed the novel, I mean it is not going to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction or require you to think deeply, but it is a fun read and will entertain those that like action and mystery novels.  I give Lee Child’s Killing Floor 3 shells out of 5.
3 shells

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