Jan 27

Sunday Scripture – Psalm 92:4

I sing for JOY at the works of Your hands

This week I suddenly was reminded that it had been exactly one year since I had to undergo a scary and stressful cerclage surgery.  Just a couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant I became just frozen with fear and worry.  I was constantly worrying about the safety of our little blessing.  I would pray ceaselessly that God would protect our little baby.  I would beg Him and say that I can handle anything as long as our baby was kept safe.  Well at about 19 weeks pregnant we got a big scare when the doctors said, with anxiety in their eyes, that my cervix was thinner than ‘normal’ and I would probably be spending a big majority of the remainder of my pregnancy on bed rest.

I ended up having a cerclage surgery done where they put several strong stitches in to help keep you from going into preterm labor and delivering the baby before she was ready.  It was such a scary experience for me and Kenny but one that I would gladly undergo again and again since the result was our beautiful, healthy, perfect little baby.

I am so thankful for the doctors and medical science for allowing us to have that procedure done, but Kenny and I ultimately know that it was only through God alone that our baby girl was saved.  He holds her life in His hands then and now and we trust Him whole heartedly.

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