Jan 26

What Makes Our Marriage Work – Best Foot Forward

I think this is more of a reminder to myself than a declaration of how great I am.  I know in any relationship it is important to put your best foot forward, especially in your marriage relationship.  But somehow when you are spending so very much time with your best friend it is easy to just relax into a comfortable spot.  Now in some ways this is a good thing.  It is important and wonderful to be comfortable with your spouse, but it is also important that they get the very best of you too.


I remember when Kenny and I were first dating it was so important to me that I have on my cutest outfit, makeup done to the hilt, every hair coiffed into place heaven forbid he ever see me not looking my best!  I even avoided going to the gym right before seeing him because he might notice my sweat womanly glow.

Somehow now that we are almost five years into our marriage and have an energy zapping little seven month old I have convinced myself that I am entitled to look a little haphazard at times.  Well… most of the time if I’m being perfectly honest.

So, this little blog post is a reminder to myself to put in more effort to look my best for my sweet hubby.  Not only look my best but be my best for him.  He works hard every day to support our family, works hard at home taking care of the yard and our remodeling projects and gives every ounce of himself to me and our little daughter.  He only deserves the very best of me in return.

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