Jan 24

Photography Tip: Just Do It

One of the great things about starting a new hobby is sharing your joy with other people, and hopefully they will listen.  Good thing I have such a wonderful wife, Karen, who will sit down and look at the all pictures that I have taken and not be bored to death.  It is always nice to know that no matter what Karen will tell me that my pictures are good and that she will wants to get them printed and adorn the walls.  So, when I got my first DSLR camera I thought it was time to get a little bit more serious about my hobby and go beyond the basics.

I did a lot of research on what DSLR to get and it is ridiculous the number of options and price points to get in on.  I ended up spending hour after hour doing research because I knew my funds were limited and I did not want to make a mistake because this DSLR was going to have to last me a really long time.  After narrowing it down to a few choices I ran them by Karen who I am not afraid to admit is the one holding all the purse strings in the household.  She nixed the cheaper model and the more expensive one so we went with the one in the middle, which ended up being a Canon D7.  I have been using other Canon digitals and liked the feel and options on them so in the end I believe that I had made a wonderful choice.

Once the camera arrived from B&H Photo which ended up having the best price we could find I immediately started checking out every book that I could find that would instruct me just how to use my new camera.  They had good sound technical advice, but when it came to actual application, for the life of me just could not get it right.  The books were just not working for me so I told Karen I just needed to do it myself and experiment to find out what works.  Do I have it down now?  Heck no but I am a lot better than I used to be.

Being a tactile learner I should have known that I needed to just practice in order to figure out my camera, but I was so worried about getting an ok shot of my new baby girl that I would hardly ever adjust the camera from the auto setting.  The picture quality was just ok, but I knew Karen and baby M deserved a lot better so I just started experimenting and it took a while some pictures were soft and others were a blur but they got better over time.  Our baby progression photo shoots took a bit longer at the beginning because I was busy adjusting the settings trying to get it right, and on more than one occasion we had to go back and do it again when M became a little restless waiting for her dad to get it right.  Eventually, I did.

So this photography tip is all about just doing it, take a chance.  Get over the fact that failure is always an option but through failure we find our path to success.

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