Jan 23

Where to Next???

Karen and I sat down the other day during a brief respite from work and talked about where we would like to go on our next big vacation which will probably be sometime in the spring or summer.  We know that traveling by plane is out of the question for us this time around.  M would probably do fine but we are not prepared to go down that road yet.  She has slowly gotten used to her car seat so we are going to stick with that for a while.  After coming to that conclusion we started picking out different destinations.  All of them are places that we would like to go to, but narrowing it down to one place has proven rather difficult.  Karen then came up with the idea of leaving it up to chance like we did when we ended up going to Maui which ended up being one of our best vacations we have ever been on. So we are going to roll the dice and let you decide again.

Will our next trip be to a big city like New York or Chicago will it take us to the coast like San Diego or the Florida Keys?  Maybe it will be the wilds of Yellowstone or taking our travels to the Big Easy.  Please add your input by voting on our poll on the right side of the page.  Thanks and Happy Travels!

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