Jan 21

Monday Musing: A Good Time for a Sports Fan from Kansas

Growing up in The Land of Oz in the 80’s and 90’s there were a few opportunities to shoot from the roof tops about the prowess of the local sports teams.  I was too young to remember the Royals run in the early to mid-80s, I barely remember when KU won the national championship in 1988.  The Chiefs run at dominating the AFC West in late 80’s and 90’s was fun, but always heartbreaking come playoff time.  Unfortunately with the exception of KU basketball and KSU football, as long as Bill Snyder is the coach, there has not been a lot of long term national success.

Hopefully the tide has turned.  Seriously… I do not think that I have ever been this excited about the Kansas sports scene.  Yeah, I know the Chiefs and the Royals are technically in Missouri but they are really Kansas teams at heart.  Already in January we have 3 college basketball teams in the top 25.  Way to go Shockers in beating highly ranked Creighton the other day.  The Royals might be crazy giving up so many prospects for two quality pitchers, but at least they appear like they are trying to win.  The Chiefs just got a proven coach in Andy Reid, who hopefully will get them back to winning.  And last but not least, Sporting Kansas City looks to build on last year’s success and hopefully carry themselves to the end of the playoffs.

I know this is a little off topic compared to most of my Monday Musings but as I was setting down thinking about what to write about I kept on thinking about things I wanted to see this year.  My mind naturally turned to sports and going to see either KU or KSU basketball when they come to town or going to see the Royals this summer.  I would say the Chiefs but the ticket price is just too darn high for this school teacher.  It should be an exciting year for all the major sports programs in the state and here is to hoping Charlie Weis will win that first Big 12 conference game this fall.  If that happens and the Royals finish with a winning record and the Chiefs are not in last place come next January then this year might just be one to remember for all the sports fans from Kansas.

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