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M’s week 32

M's week 32

32 week photo

What a great week we have had!  We have just been getting back into the swing of things since the holidays.  Kenny is back to work and M and I are back to our old routine.  She is so content and happy almost all of the time. She is perfectly happy to sit in the kitchen with me while I load the dishwasher or hand wash dishes or cook dinner.

We do a lot of playing and reading on a big blanket in the living room.  I’m trying to give her a lot of time rolling and scooching and moving.  She is so close to crawling it isn’t even funny.  It’s a good thing Kenny and I are almost finished remodeling the formal living room.  We worked in there a lot this weekend and M just watched and played and squealed with glee.  We even got out her Christmas stocking jar of bubbles and let her see her first bubbles.  She is so fun!!

Highlight of the week:

Karen- We had a really nice weekend.  Kenny and I got a ton of work done on the house and M just played along with us.  She sat in her exersaucer in the room where we were working and even helped out a few times.

Kenny- My little worker, working along side me.  I had M in the Baby Bjorn while I was filling nail holes and touching up spots with drywall spackel getting ready to paint.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- I got her several cute little hats for Christmas and I am so thankful for them when we have to go outside in this cold cold weather.  It’s usually just a zip from the house to the car and back, but I don’t want her little head or ears to ever get cold.

Kenny- She seems to really like the DK My First Touch & Feel Flashcards (First Words) that I got her for Christmas.  She looks at every single picture, pets the fur, listens to me say the word in English and Spanish and seems genuinely interested.  She would really like to chew on them too but we try to redirect her to a teether so the flashcards don’t get mangled.  They will be fun for many more months to come.


Karen- I’m still feeling a little out of control with her sleep.  Some nights she sleeps great then other nights she is awake every couple of hours… it is so confusing.  I’m trying to find some rhyme or reason to it, but maybe that’s just part of being a baby, being unpredictable.  I’m told she will have no trouble sleeping by the time she’s fifteen ha ha!

Kenny- Time is always a struggle, if you work on the house then you’re missing out on time with the baby.  Or if I stay late for Soccer practice I can’t get the house work done.  There is just never enough time.
Popping a bubble

Picture of the Week
Something we have learned:

Karen- I feel like we have done a pretty good job this week about staying on task.  Even our Sunday Scripture this week is about being diligent about the job at hand.  It feels good to get things done and be working with such focus. I used to feel like I needed and deserved to get a lot of rest, but getting things done feels so much better.

Kenny- I taught M how to blow a cute little raspberry.  I can’t believe she learns things so quickly.  She can blow kisses, clicks her tongue and now little raspberries.

Quote of the week:
M vs giraffe week 32

M vs Giraffe Week 32

It has been a great thirty-second week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    M is so smart, learning all these new things. It is so fun to see her experience new things.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Each day is like a new adventure with her.

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