Jan 09

Flora Photography Number 3: Sunken Garden

sunken garden

This photograph was taken at the Como Park Conservatory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This is such a gorgeous green house and garden area.  I was absolutely enamored with the symmetry of this particular room.  They do seasonal ‘themed’ rooms and change out all the plants within this area quarterly.  We were lucky enough to see the beautiful chrysanthemum display set up for autumn.  There were reds and oranges and vibrant yellows everywhere you looked.  I especially liked the huge yellow mums towards the sides of the picture above.  They were so special that I even asked one of the curators what type of flower they were.  She said that the gardener starts with a whole bush of the large yellow mums then they choose the very best one on the bush and prune off all the others to make the entire bush that one special flower.  Sounds crazy huh, but they really looked amazing

In this picture it isn’t a single flower in particular that is so special but the whole arrangement that really makes the shot special.  Anytime you can find symmetry and balance it is appealing to the human eye.  I’m glad Kenny was able to capture this shot so I can always remember this beautiful garden.

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