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M’s Week 31

M's 31 Week

31 week photo

We have had a super fun week spending time with our family.  M had a great time playing with Grandma, Grandpa her Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  It was so nice that Neil and Julie and baby H got to visit for an entire week, wow! We took tons of pictures, ate yummy food and made christmas ornaments with the baby girls hand and foot prints.

It was different being away from home so late at night but we tried our best to keep M on her schedule.  She really fought us to stay awake in the evenings so we made a few exceptions but mostly stuck with trying to get her into the crib at Grandma and Grandpa’s house around 7:00pm.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Just spending time with my family, we have a lot of fun together!

Kenny- M getting to see her cousins was a lot of fun, they all love each other so much.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- We have been making good use of her baby spoons and lots of bibs this week.  I have fed her food every night this week around 5:30pm.  She has had bananas, sweet potatoes and rice cereal.  It is so fun to watch her facial expressions when she eats.  What a cutie!

Kenny- I got her a fun toy for Christmas called a winkel.  It is a little cube in the center with big rubber ‘wires’ that loop around the outside.  She likes to play with it and intertwine her fingers with all the wires.


Karen- I get spoiled when I have Kenny here with me all the time during Christmas break.  It was hard having him go back to work, M and I miss him like crazy!

Kenny- Still struggling to find joy in work when I know Karen is at home with baby M.  Don’t get me wrong I like teaching and I love coaching I’m just not ready to start practice up again because I know it means I won’t get to see M as much in the evenings.  I’ll just get home in time to bounce her to sleep.  We’ll have to make the most of the weekends.

M Standing

Picture of the Week
Something we have learned:

Karen- Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  For example, while visiting the family at Grandma and Grandpa’s house this past week we would stay past M’s bedtime (7:00pm).  We would still try to get her into the crib by 7:00 but she would wake up periodically throughout the early evening.  Usually we would just bounce her back to sleep but occasionally when she seemed wide awake or was really fighting going back to sleep we would let her stay awake for a while and spend time with us before we got her back to sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY value her getting good sleep, but rules can’t be rigid all the time.

Kenny- She is more and more mobile, wood floors might not have been the brightest idea on our part, we have to make sure she has blankets or the rug underneath her she is rolling so much.

Quote of the week:

We are going to quote M again this week, just today in fact she said the most exciting word we have heard yet… “Da da” !!!  Kenny and I were both just about in tears

M vs Giraffe Week 31

M vs Giraffe Week 31

It has been a great thirty-first week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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