Dec 28

M’s Week 29

M's 29 Week Photo

29 week photo

We have had a fantastic week of traveling and seeing family over Christmas.  Our sweet girl did great in her car seat once again.  I am so thankful that she is getting the hang of riding in the car.  It’s about a four hour drive to get to Kenny’s Mom and Dad’s house and we usually stop once to nurse and change her diaper.  She naps and spends time reading and playing with Daddy while I drive.  This is quite the switch because Kenny has always been our designated driver but he is so good at entertaining baby M and the driving is a four hour break for me.

Our little lady had such a fun time opening her presents.  We would start a little tear in the paper and she could pretty much take it from there.  It was so much fun experiencing Christmas through her little eyes.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Seeing my precious daughter in her little Christmas dress and being with family on the night of our savior’s birth.  It was very special.

Kenny- Christmas!  Seeing M open up her stocking for the first time.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is stockings and I know it is the first of many exciting years of stockings for my girl.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- Kenny’s Mom had some wonderful blocks that M fell in love with.  There are four squares, four triangles and four circles of different primary colors and the container has each shape cut out of the top so you can drop the correct shape through the correct opening.  At this point she is pretty content to just clack them together and chew on them but one of these days she will have a blast pushing them through the openings.

Kenny- My Mom had a handy high chair that we made a lot of use of this week.  M sat in it like a big girl while we ate Christmas meals and she even played with some little toys on her tray while we played a board game.  It has wheels on the bottom so I rolled her around the kitchen a couple times while my Mom was getting food ready.  M just loved it, we will definitely be using our high chair at home more now.


Karen- M’s second little bottom tooth is just peeking through the gums and it can’t be very comfortable.  She has had a little bit of sleep regression (possibly because we were also out of town and sleeping in a new place).  I hope that tooth gets all the way through quickly and doesn’t hurt her anymore.

Kenny- I’m a pretty lucky guy, Karen pretty much takes on all the night time responsibilities since I have to go to work and be conscious enough to teach everyday.  This week while I was on break I got a taste of what she deals with.  M is almost always a great little sleeper, but on the nights when she is not it can be pretty taxing.

1st Christmas

 Picture of the Week

Something we have learned:

Karen- You can never comprehend how much you will love your own child until they are in your arms.  I just cannot even explain how much I love her, my arms ache to hold her and my heart erupts with glee when she smiles at me.  I kiss her sweet face every chance that I get and still it isn’t enough.  I can’t believe that she is MINE!

Kenny- She is getting more vocal about what she wants.  If you take away something that she is enjoying or wants she now realizes that you have it and gets vocal about wanting it back.  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.

Quote of the week:

Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake bakers man… Kenny’s Mom was playing pat-a-cake with baby M and she thought it was super fun!  She especially likes to roll it and mark it with a B!

M vs Giraffe Week 29

 M vs Giraffe Week 29

It has been a great twenty-nineth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    Oh my goodness! What is in that stocking? It must be something scarry.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I think it was socks! Probably the worst but probably the most practical gift one can get in a stocking.

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