Dec 12

M’s Week 27

27 Weeks

27 week photo

Our little sweetheart is just so precious.  I feel so blessed that I get to spend my days making her giggle and watching her eyes light up as she discovers something new.

This was a bit of an off week, M is fighting a little cough (actually a big cough for such a little girl), she’s teething, she’s mastering so many new skills, and she had her six month check up complete with shots yesterday.  Poor little thing.  Needless to say she was feeling pretty puny yesterday and today.  We spent today in our jammies just snuggling and I did my best to try to make her feel better.  I think it worked, she slept a bunch and by this evening she was back to her happy little self.

M got to taste some sweet potatoes this week.  We baked a nice one in the oven then pureed it in the food processor and mixed it with some breast milk to get a thinner texture.  We got one little spoon full in her mouth, but I can’t say she was a fan.  She made some faces and stuck her tongue out, she’s so cute!  We will try again, we are mainly just wanting to give her the opportunity to taste things right now.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Helping my sweetheart get through another doctors appointment.  Her check up went great, she was a little cooperative doll the whole time and was even a brave little sweetie for her shots.  I think she remembered what was happening this time.  The nurse only had to rub the alcohol pads on her leg and she knew what was coming.  My poor little sweetie, I’m glad I could be there to cuddle and soothe her.  It melts my heart that I can tell how much she loves me and wants to be with me.

Kenny- I had just walked in from a long day of work and coaching.  I sat down on the couch, looked over and locked eyes with M, blew her a kiss and she blew several right back at me.  She is Daddy’s girl.  In fact, I have another highlight, over the weekend I was holding her and we were listening to some Christmas music.  She just leaned in close, nestled her head under my chin and fell asleep snuggling on my chest.  It was pretty special to me.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- Want to know something funny?  M is absolutely infatuated with our TV remote.  I just have to show it to her and she starts cracking up!  The funny thing is, we don’t let her watch any tv.  I don’t think she even associates the two things.  She just sees all those amazing buttons and they get her so excited.  I hold it up so she can run her hands over the surface and I exclaim “buttons, buttons, buttons!”

Kenny- M really seemed to like her high chair, she wasn’t such a fan of her food, but she liked the chair.  I can’t believe how little she looked in that great big chair.


Karen- I was really starting to feel like a failure when it comes to her sleep.  For so long she has been sleeping so wonderfully.  She goes to sleep easily and sleeps basically through the night, only needing to nurse once around 4:00am.  But the past couple weeks have just been crazy.  It was hard to get her to sleep for good and she would wake up several times during the night, I was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong.  Well, thankfully she seems to be back to her great little sleeper self.  I think it was just a combination of her little cough, teething, learning new skills, a growth spurt or separation anxiety maybe, so many things all at once. Poor little thing.  I am so proud of her for working through it.

Kenny- I hate feeling helpless when my baby is not feeling good.  Her little cough and teething, I want to make all her hurties go away.
Getting Ready to Eat

Picture of the Week

Something we have learned:

Karen- I’m learning to have more patience.  My wise older sister mentioned that the thing that seems like the most difficult, never ending thing at this very moment is almost always finished and replaced with a new trial in about two weeks.  She is so right.  When you are in the difficult moment it is hard to remember that, but I’m learning  to go with the flow.

Kenny- Christmas just became a lot more expensive…

Quote of the week:

I think we will have to quote our sweet girl this week.  She is talking so much it is just adorable to hear her.  Some of her favorites are “bah, bah, bah, bah, bah” (quick and perky, kind of sounds like Bubba or Bubble) or even “Ma… ma… ma” (more slowly and drawn out and usually when something isn’t going her way.
M vs Giraffe Week 27

 M vs Giraffe Week 27

It has been a great twenty-seventh week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. Paul

    Yes, It is really hard on parents when your little one doesn’t feel good and you don’t know how to fix it. Lucky for M she has really good parents that are patient and do everything possible to make her happy.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks Paul. We just try to do the best that we can and learn as much as we can and apply it. That is just about all that a parent can do.

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