Dec 09

Sunday Scripture: Psalm 29:11

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

I think, especially around the holiday times, most people tend to get stressed, impatient, hurried, angry and just rattled in general.  It’s so sad because this is really a time when we should slow down, focus on our families and be at peace worshiping our Lord.  I’m not trying to suggest that I am perfectly patient and always peaceful at this time of year, quite the opposite actually.  I tend to procrastinate all my shopping and end up frantically trying to find the perfect gifts at the very last minute.

This year, especially because it will be M’s first Christmas, I am hoping to have a more slow and traditional Holiday. If that means a few less presents, a few less outings or a few less Christmas shows well that’s okay with me.  This year I would like to focus on my little family and thanking the Lord for the undeserved blessings He has given us.

As for the first part of this verse, Kenny and I could use a little strength in the sleep department.  I don’t know for sure what has thrown off M for these past couple of weeks.  She was sleeping so good right through the night for so long. Then all of a sudden around five and a half months she is just completely off.  So I’m praying for a little strength for me and a little peace for my sweet girl.

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