Nov 24

Top 10 Products that Made our Lives as New Parents Much Easier

Being nearly 6 months into raising our first child Karen and I have learned many things and continue to learn new things every day.  It would be wonderful if there was a magic product that would help a new baby sleep or a device we could connect to that would allow us to understand what each cry or sound meant, but there is not.  However, Karen and I have come across several things that have made our time as newbie parents a little bit easier.  Here is a list of our top 10 products for new parents.

10. Wipe Warmer

wipes-warmerAt first we thought there was no way that we needed anything like this, and then every time we had to change a diaper M would cry up a storm.  Since newborns only eat, sleep, and dirty diapers there was a lot of crying going on those first couple of days.  So, during an outing at Wal-Mart I went ahead and got a baby wipes warmer, which Karen made fun of me for getting it.  However, when we went to change M’s diaper and used the warm wipes the crying stopped.

9. Angel Baby Bottom Balm

angel-baby-bottom-balm-jarWe really love this bottom balm.  It is all natural and pretty mild and can be used for diaper rash, as a daily preventative or even used for other minor scrapes and boo boo’s.  We’ve been using it at basically every diaper change since M was teeny tiny and luckily she’s never had any diaper rash.  Karen has even used it on herself for a little burn or scrape a time or two.

8. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

030611_1511_HaloSleepSa3We use one every time M is put down for a nap or to go to sleep at night.  Karen and I have been really blessed with having a baby that sleeps so well.  I think part of the reason that M sleeps so well is that we got her into a routine as soon as we could.  We play the same music, use the same type of sleepsack, and bounce her to sleep using an exercise ball.  Karen and I go by the philosophy if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

7. Pack N Play

packnplay1Karen and I like to travel and as soon as we could we were taking little M places too.  So far she has been to 8 different states.  Whenever and wherever we go we always take her Pack N Play.  It has served very wall as a portable crib.  It packs up quick and easy and is also very light and packs well.

6. Homedics Soundspa Machine

SoundSpa-LullabyPart of M’s sleeping routine is the turning on of the Homedics Soundspa Machine on the ocean setting.  At first we used a womb bear that made sounds, and that worked a little bit.  However since we have been using this louder machine it helps drown out any other noise which has come in handy whenever we have been traveling or staying with our relatives.

5. Sophie the Giraffe

sophie_stickerSophie has become M’s favorite thing to chew on and has been something that has been near her almost since day one.  At first it was in a basket on her changing table then it became something we would take on car trips now it is our go to toy whenever she is starting to get anxious.

4. Exercise Ball

blue-exercise-ball1We got this one from Karen’s Momma she used/uses an exercise ball to bounce her grandsons to sleep.  One of the first things she let us borrow was an exercise ball and then we got one of our own, one of the best investments that we have ever made.  It has been a knee and back saver.

3. Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

bumGenius-Organic-OneSize-Snaps-AIO-Open-Labels-480While these cloth diapers are relatively expensive to start with we have saved a lot more money in the long run by limiting our use of disposable diapers.  Cleaning has been relatively easy, and whenever we use disposable (vacations or visiting relatives) M’s little hiney gets a little redder, but when we switch back to the cloth diapers everything gets cleared up.

2. Baby Bjorn

can-you-carry-a-newborn-baby-in-a-baby-bjorn-front-carrierM has loved to be outside from day one.  When she was just a newborn baby we would take her outside when she was crying and it would automatically get her to stop.  So having anything that helped get her outside in a comfortable way has been a blessing.  At first she would just sit in the sling facing me and just sleep.  Now that she is a little bit older and stronger she faces out during her walks which she just loves.

1. Angelcare Baby Monitor

AC401_engWhile every now and again we get a jumpstart to our heart when the monitor detects no movement (a false alarm) thankfully that has not happened very often and every time that it has gone off M was just fine.  The problem when it does go off seems to be getting the sensitivity of the machine just right.  Despite the fact it has given us a heart attack a few times knowing that if M ever stopped breathing when she was asleep that her monitor would go off has given us a lot of peace of mind.

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  1. freda

    I am so. Deprived….I didn’t have any of these products when my babies were little..

  2. Julie

    Those are all good products! We especially like the ball too 🙂 You should do a follow up post in like 6 months and see what products change and what stays the same!

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