Nov 21

Strategic Air and Space Museum: A Big Museum from a Little Place

SR-71 BlackbirdKaren and I were a little apprehensive about going to this museum since it is basically in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, but we walked away presently surpised at the quality of this military museum.  If you want to see some of the most strategic aircraft in the United States Air Force history then this is a great museum to go to.  The Strategic Air and Space Museum gives its visitors a chance to learn all about the United States Air Force especially its bombing capabilities during the Cold War.Air and Space MuseumThe Strategic Air and Space Museum is broken down into three exhibit areas in their two hangars and entry way.  They have rotating exhibits from other museums, their own permanent exhibits, and over two dozen aircraft.  For such a small town they have an incredible display and it is truly one of those places that can be called a hidden secret.Strategic Air and Space MuseumKaren and I enjoyed our time at this aviation museum and it worked out well because we were headed to the town of Ashland to see the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari, and decided to check out the Strategic Air and Space Museum while we were there.  Seeing both places made for a very enjoyable day, and well worth the effort of taking the scenic route on our way to Omaha.B-17Seeing the aircraft was why I wanted to go, and their collection did not disappoint.  As soon as I walked in and saw a SR-71A Blackbird placed in front of a glass ceiling I knew Karen and I were in for a real treat.  Other planes of note that are housed at the Strategic Air and Space Museum include a B-17 Flying fortress, a B-52, B-1A Lancer, U-2C Dragon Lady, and a B-29 Super Fortress.  The museum also had several unique planes including one neither Karen nor I had ever seen which was the XF-8F Parasite fighter escort, which was a plane that would be carried by a bomber and then disengaged when needed.Karen next XF-85Besides the numerous planes the museum also has several fine permanent exhibits that explain some of the most historic air force operations in U.S. history.  They have several permanent exhibits including ones on Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo,  Linebacker II during the Vietnam War, a piece on the 9th Air Force and an exhibit on Clayton Anderson an Ashland native that became a NASA astronaut.NASAThe Strategic Air and Space Museum also participates in an exhibit exchange program with other museums located around the country.  We were there when they were having a showcase on robots including several interactive displays and working robots along with several famous robots from movies and television shows.  They switch exhibits every few months so make sure you check their website to see what they are currently offering.robotsThis is a wonderful museum to see if you having any curiosity towards aviation, the USAF, or history.  Besides the things already mentioned the museum also has a 220 seat theater, a flight simulator, and children’s interactive gallery.  This is truly a very nice museum that makes for a great compliment to the state parks and the wildlife safari attractions in the area.

click here to see more aviation museumsl ike the Strategic Air and Space Museum Flight SimulatorStrategic Air and Space Museum
Located at 28210 W Park Hwy, Ashland Nebraska
Hours of Operation: Open 7 Days a Week 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 to 64 $12.00 65 and over $11.00 and children ages 4 to 12 $6.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.sacmuseum.org/Lucky Lady

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