Nov 20

M’s week 24

M's week 24

24 week photo

Our little sweetsie has learned a new skill.  She can sit up all by her little self!  I was shocked, she might have even been able to do this a little earlier I just hadn’t given her the chance.  We were in the living room playing on her little blanket and I decided to sit her up and see what happened.  She sat all by herself for about twenty five seconds.  She is so precious, how is it possible that she can do all of these things already!?!

We have had another great week just getting ready for Thanksgiving.  M has had a few nights that were ‘off’ in the sleep department.  She has been doing SO GREAT at sleeping, she goes to bed without a fuss and usually sleeps through the night, only waking up once around 4:00am to nurse.  But early this week it would take many tries to get her to stay asleep and she was waking up three or four times a night.  I was so afraid she was getting an ear infection or some other kind of little germ, but she is feeling great and seems to be back to her usual happy sleep pattern.  It must have just been one of those things.  I’m so glad she is back to her precious little self.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Seeing my sweet girl sit up all by herself was pretty amazing.  She is really getting to be such a big girl.  I beam with pride when she learns something new like that.  You would think she just made the winning touchdown at the superbowl for how excited she makes me!

Kenny- We were at Karen’s parent’s house one evening and I was holding M.  Karen was peek-a-booing her and jumping forward, kind of surprising her.  M was giggling and just laughing so hard.  That is the most I have ever heard her laugh and it was sweet music to Dads ears.

Product we’re loving:
Karen- I am excited about a little fingertip toothbrush that we just got for M.  She doesn’t have any teeth yet but I feel like it’s never to early to start practicing good dental hygiene.  I think it’s also a good idea to just get into the habit of brushing her teeth.  If it’s something we just do every morning and night then it will be normal to her and never something that is forced or scary.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

Kenny- We bought M some little foam alphabet letters and numbers and she thinks they are pretty great.  They are many different colors and the perfect size for her to practice her fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  We try to tell her what letter she is holding and use some words that start with that letter.  The little letters will also stick to the side of the bath tub so I anticipate lots of fun with those.


Karen- I just need more time.  More time to smooch my baby and love my hubby, more time to work on my jobs, more time to clean the house, more time….more time….more time.

Kenny- Her off night of sleep was kind of a struggle.  You get used to the great nights of sleep then the off ones really throw you for a loop.  But, that’s the life of a new parent and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.
snow hat bright eyes

 Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- I love seeing my sweet nephews swarm around their little cousin, baby M.  They love her so much and I’m always surprised how interested these little boys are in a tiny baby girl.  She was laying in her crib at my Mom and Dad’s house and all three boys were just surrounding her patting her and bringing her toys and things to look at.  They are so sweet!

Kenny- She is ticklish on her little legs and it is so cute.

Quote of the week:

M was sitting in her little exersaucer watching Daddy do some remodeling work in the formal living room.  Kenny asked me to come help him move her over a little bit so we each grabbed one side of the exersaucer, with her still sitting pretty in the middle.  Aren’t you a cutie little Queen of Sheba I said with a grin.

Kenny: We got baby M all stripped down and I was holding her as Karen was running the water for her bath.  Karen left the bathroom for a second to get M’s towel and when she came back I had a little puddle of wetness down the front of my shirt she pee peed on me!
M vs giraffe week 24

M vs Giraffe Week 24

It has been a great twenty-fourth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    I love her open mouth picture. She looks so curious. Karen you did a good job on her sweater sleeve hat. lol

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks mom, I wouldn’t say her little hat is ‘finished’ yet, but it still looks pretty cute on her 🙂

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