Nov 19

Monday Musing: Thanksgiving Quiz

1st ThanksgivingThanksgiving, a national holiday which gives us a chance to be with friends and family and sit around and give thanks for our lives blessings, watch a little football, eat some good grub, and have the best leftovers of the year.  But why do we do that?  Do you know the; who, what, when, where, and why of Thanksgiving?  If you think you are up to the challenge take our Thanksgiving Quiz and see how much you know about this national holiday.

What do you know about Thanksgiving?

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  1. freda

    OH kenny you really know how to make me feel dumb. I guess on all of them.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Well that was not what I was going for. Just trying to inform- either way I hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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