Nov 16

Flora Photography Number 4: Black and White Rose

black and white rose

This rose photograph was taken at a beautiful garden we visited over fall break.  Kenny is such a pro, he can even get great shots like this while he has baby M on his chest in the Baby Bjorn.  I really like the way the petals of the rose are so very crisp while the back ground is a nice blur.  The angle of the bloom is pretty as well, it almost looks like it is being shy, turning ever so slightly away from the camera.

Roses have always been one of my favorites flowers.  A bit cliche I know, but they are so gorgeous I can’t help myself.  I think it adds interest to see this flower in black and white.  We are so used to seeing bright brilliant colorful roses.  When you see one in black and white you are forced to examine it more closely and really see the little nuances that make each flower special.  I love the way you can see the veining within each petal.

So, go have some fun and take some flower photos.  You might even try them in black and white just to get a new perspective.

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