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M’s week 22

M's week 22

22 week photo

Our little sweetie has just been giggling and smiling and rolling all over the place.  I just can’t express what a fun little dumpling she is right now.  She is figuring out that she can roll several times in a row and practically travel across the room.  It is so fun to see her learning and exploring new things, I love watching her eyes get wide as she experiences something for the first time.

M’s precious baby cousin was also born this week.  We are so excited to go and meet her I know she and M will be best friends!

Highlight of the week:
Definitely our little Niece being born!

Karen- Kenny, M and I went for a walk on Sunday and I was peek-a-boo-ing M in her little stroller.  She was just laughing and laughing.  Nothing makes my heart melt more than hearing my precious girl laugh.

Kenny- Seeing M’s cute little Halloween Costume and just realizing that next year she will be standing and walking!

Product we’re loving:
Karen- Grandma found us a nearly new bumbo seat on craigslist.  I know there has been some contraversary on these about them possibly tipping over so we haven’t let her use it except when we are within arms distance.  She really loves sitting up like a big girl and even ‘helps’ me cook dinner from her sweet little seat.

Kenny- Karen’s mom also found a fun little jump-a-roo that M has enjoyed testing out.  Even at it’s lowest setting her little feet just swing away, not even touching the ground yet.  So, I guess it isn’t technically a ‘jump’ a roo yet, but she likes to play with the fun moving beads and different stations around it.  Karen and I help her bounce a little.


Karen- I’m struggling a little with getting my ‘work from home’ jobs done.  The first of the month is always especially busy for both my jobs so it makes for some especially long nights for me trying to get things finished.

Kenny- Everything seems to be going really smooth at the moment.  Her little rash cleared up and she has been sleeping really well.  We are really blessed.
Daddy & M week 22 b&w

Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- Everyone told me this and I knew it from the beginning, but wow…. it just goes so so fast.  I just enjoy every snuggle and relish every giggle and savor every smile because I know she will be my big girl in the blink of an eye.

Kenny- I learned that she was easily able to transition back to her home routine after being on vacation the previous week.  I’m glad we kept her basic routine the same (naps, nursing and bedtime) while we were on vacation.  I think it helped everything run really smoothly for the three of us.

Quote of the week:

Kenny: (first words out of his mouth after I had just woken him up early in the morning after getting a text that our precious niece was on the way) Should we pray? (I love that this was his first instinct)

Kenny: Do you think she wants to sit in her bep-o…. beep-uh….. boop-er (refering to her new Bumbo Chair)
M vs giraffe week 22

M vs Giraffe Week 22

It has been a great twenty-second week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. Cecilia

    What a big girl she’s getting to be.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      She sure is, just this week she is noticing and reaching out for her little giraffe. She’ll probably be snuggling him in the picture next week.

  2. Lori

    I love reading your update posts! It looks like M is as tall as her giraffe now! 🙂 She just keeps growing and getting more precious every day.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      We’re so glad you enjoy them. She is just growing up so fast! Thanks for reading 🙂

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