Nov 03

Flora Photography Number 5: Weeping Willow in Fall

Weeping Willow in Fall

This beautiful, moody, autumn weeping willow was spotted on our most recent vacation. We were in South Dakota at the zoo and Kenny gazed across a field and great photographer that he is realized that this would be a perfect ‘fall’ shot.  He was carrying M in the Baby Bjorn at this precise moment so he just talked me through getting the shot set up and I got to take the shot.

I like the way the picture feels kind of dreamy like it is in a quiet secluded field in the country, just a perfect spot for a romantic picnic.  The dangling branches let you see that there was a gentle breeze blowing through and it just makes me sigh and relax a little.  Those are usually my favorite pictures, ones that evoke a certain feeling.

Fall is an especially fun season to go take pictures outside.  It is such a brief season and the greatest artist of all painted the colors and beauty of nature.  So get outside and take some shots while you have a chance.

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