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M’s week 21

M's week 21

21 week photo

This was such a wonderful little week for our family.  Kenny had a week off of work for Fall Break so we took advantage of the time and went on a family road trip.  We got to visit Kenny’s Mom and Dad and share our sweet girl with them and from there went on a road trip through six states!  M was the most amazing little travel partner for us.  She road like a little champ in her car seat, Kenny sat back there with her a lot and entertained her and kept her company.  She kept up her nap schedule and slept in the car, her stroller or the Baby Bjorn like a little sweetie and even did great at the hotels, mostly sleeping through the night.  We were so impressed and proud of our little sweetie!

We visited several zoos, a butterfly house, an art museum, waterfalls, and much more.  Our precious girl is just a world class sight see-er.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- The entire week was a highlight, we had so much fun!  But probably one of the most exciting things was seeing little miss M roll from her back to her belly all by herself.  She was rolling from belly to back last week but this week she mastered back to belly.  She can roll and roll and travel across the room if she gets the urge.  Wow!

Kenny- I was so proud and impressed with how well she did in her car seat, especially considering the first time we made the trip to visit my parents we barely made it she was so upset.

Product we’re loving:
Karen- Kenny’s Mom got M a little musical lantern that was fun and entertaining for our long car rides.  It sure came in handy on our little vacation.

Kenny- Our sweet girl really LOVES books!  We brought one in particular on the trip with us and should have had a few more.  That was one of her favorite things to do while she was patiently riding in her car seat.


Karen- I am so impressed with how great our trip went!  I can’t really think of any struggles, the only awkward thing was trying to get used to nursing on the go using my nursing cover.  It went pretty well I have to say.

Kenny- Being a go, go, go traveler, the only hang up on our vacation was me getting used to planning a little down time for nursing.  It’s not really a struggle, just something new I had to learn to expect.  At times it made me want to have a motor home so we could stay on the move.
M with butterfly

     Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- I have learned to never doubt my little trooper.  I didn’t think she would enjoy our trip at all.  I was expecting the car rides to be a big struggle, I wasn’t sure how she would do with sleeping in her pack n play at several different hotels, just being on the go, seeing so much and in new different environments, I wasn’t sure how she would react.  She did phenomenal, we should be on vacation ALL THE TIME!

Kenny- I learned that M can handle a trip really well, which means Momma is okay with a trip, which means we can take more trips….yay!

Quote of the week:

Kenny’s Mom: (watching M play and kick and smile on her blanket) She is so sweet, I’ve never seen such a content baby!

Karen: (looking out the window of our hotel in Minnesota) Aahhhh! It’s snowing! 
M vs giraffe week 21

   M vs Giraffe Week 21

It has been a great twenty-first week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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    So sweet we sure enjoyed having you.

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