Oct 30

Pumpkin Eating Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin Eating PumpkinKaren and I were a little torn on what type of pumpkin we were going to do this year.  We really wanted to carve and shave one like we have done of the last few years, which you can check out our work by clicking here.  However with a new baby and the fact that we both have a really hard time putting her down we figured we should carve a more traditional pumpkin because it would not take as long.
Pumpkin CarvingSo the first thing that we had to do was come up with what kind of jack-o-lantern we were going to do.  Karen having become addicted to the website Pinterest had several ideas that she had pinned.  She then showed them to me and I decided to go with the pumpkin eating pumpkin.
CarvingThe very next day we went to our local grocery store and picked out some pumpkins that we thought would work.  Since it was close to the end of the Halloween season our choices were pretty slim, but we got the best that we could.  Once home we wanted until M went to sleep and hoped that she would stay asleep long enough for us to get our pumpkin carved up.  She was a real champ for us and slept through the entire process.
Lining it UpFirst step was taking the top of the pumpkin off and getting all that goo, seeds and the guts of the pumpkin out.  Next Karen used a marker and free handed the design from Pinterest onto our large pumpkin and then did the smaller pumpkin.  While she was drawing the smaller pumpkin I worked on the larger one cutting out the eyes and teeth.  After Karen got scared that I was going to lop off a finger she took over and I was sent to the living room.  Eventually she called me back in and I worked on taking the peel of the pumpkin off the eyes and teeth.  Once that was done it was time to place our little pumpkin into the jaws of the larger one and set it outside.
Taking the Peel OffOverall, Karen and I are pretty happy with the way our pumpkin turned out.  We wish we would have had time to do more of a traditional one  for us because we had some really good ideas, but I guess that will just have to wait until next year.  So without further ado here is our pumpkin for Halloween 2012 a pumpkin eating a pumpkin.
Pumpkin Eating Pumpkin Lit

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  1. freda

    I like it. You are very creative.

  2. Cecilia

    This is so cool, even better than the Jayhawk.

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