Oct 26

Brother’s Pizza: A Tasty Treat in Tulsa

Brother's Pizza
Anytime that Karen and I traveled we always want to eat at whatever is considered a good pizza place.  Staying closed to Oral Roberts University we ended up deciding to go to Brother’s Pizza.  First the name struck me because my own brother owns a pizza place and the number of good reviews that we found online.  Karen and I would be considered plain when it comes to what we like on our pizza.  Karen is a big bacon fan and I like hamburger or pepperoni, so we cannot tell you how great their specialty pizza is, but what we can tell you is that the sauce is good, they have delicious garlic cheese bread, and their pepperoni pizza hit the spot.
Garlic Sticks
What I liked about Brother’s Pizza is the fact that their hand tossed pizza was a perfect balance of not being too thick or thin.  As for the restuarant itself, it is a very small pizza place, but we got ours to go anyway so cannot really tell about the ambiance inside however I would go there again even on a crowded day because their pizza is good.Brother's PizzaIf you are ever in the Tulsa area especially the south side of town and looking for a pizza pie to take back to the hotel room or back home then Brother’s Pizza is the spot to go.  If you have ever been to Brother’s Pizza or know of another good pizza restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma let us know about your experience.

For more information visit their website at http://www.brotherspizzadepot.com/

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