Oct 18

Flora Photography Number 6 – Purple Orchids

Purple OrchidsOne of Karen’s favorite flowers is the Orchid, so you know when I saw these purple orchids I had to get a picture for her.  They are especially stunning because of the veins within the petals and the variegation they have going on.  Such contrast always promises for a good picture.

These really caught my eye because of the way the sunlight was illuminating them so stunningly.  There were several other groupings of orchids but none as well lit as these.  That is one thing I always try to watch for in my photography subjects.  Something that is naturally well lit is almost always a better choice than something that is dark or partially shadowed.  You can’t always correct shadows in post processing.

I really like the way they are practically all in a line drawing your eye from the left to the right side of the photograph.  Lines usually have a way of creating action within a still shot.

Are orchids your favorite too?  I got Karen some for Valentines Day but the blossoms didn’t stay on very long.  Maybe we will hang this picture up instead.

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