Oct 16

M’s week 19

M week 19

19 week photo

What a fun little doll she is.  I love the mornings when she wakes up just cooing and talking to herself.  It is so fun to hear those little sounds over her monitor, then walk into her room and peek over her crib side and lock eyes with her and she just smiles so big, like “Hi Mommy, I’m so excited to see you!!”.

She is really starting to take notice of her hands and even her little feet and toes.  She will lift her legs and pull her feet up high and just look in awe of those sweet feet.  Sometimes when I’m cuddling her close I’ll put my hand up like for a high five and she puts her hand up against mine and we just curl our fingers together again and again.  She seems mesmerized seeing our fingers moving together like that.

She is my little sweetheart and I just love her ALL TO PIECES!

Highlight of the week:

Karen- She ROLLED OVER from her tummy to her back!!!  It was one of the most exciting moments of my life!!  She has been so close for the last couple of weeks and finally on Friday morning while she was having some tummy time she just pushed off with her little arm, leaned her head to the side and started a roll.  She worked and worked and grunted away trying to get her little leg to go on over (I was just DYING to help her, but managed to let her do it on her own) and she finally got it over and rolled onto her back with a precious expression of surprise and glee.  I was cheering and cheering, we were both so excited!!  She did it several more times in a row and I even got a cute one on video.  I texted Kenny and just made his day!

Kenny- Rolling over would be my highlight too, but since Karen has already said that, I’d have to say our Sunday walk where she got to face forward in the Baby Bjorn for the first time.  She just looked like such a big girl just looking out at the whole world.

Product we’re loving:

We got our Bum Genius Elemental cloth diaper and tried it out.  It worked great and so we ordered twelve more.  We’ll be excited to see them arrive and get back to the cloth diapering.


Karen- M has had a little itchy red rash on her face for the past several days.  We went to the doctor today and she seems to think it is just from contact with some fabric or something similar that is irritating her skin.  I just feel so awful that it is bothering M and would give anything to figure out the cause and get it fixed up fast.  We’ve got a game plan worked out and hopefully it will fix her right up.

Kenny- Karen does such a great job with M, my struggle is trying to make sure Karen asks me for help when she needs it.
Daddy loves M week 19

    Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- No matter what the situation, whether it was trying to figure out breastfeeding, helping M gain weight, learning to sleep in her crib, and now this little rash, I tend to jump to the conclusion that the difficult thing will ALWAYS be difficult, like it will never change or ever get better.  I’m starting to learn and finally realize that these things are only temporary.  We get past each little hurdle and move on to a new hurdle.

Kenny- She’s starting to get mobile, which means…. let the baby proofing begin!

Quote of the week:

Karen: (While carrying M back to the nursery for a diaper change) She stuck her toe right in my belly button! She must be at just the right length for that precise maneuver right now.

A fun text message from Karen: She just ROLLED OVER!!  Three times in a row!!! 
M vs giraffe week 19

   M vs Giraffe Week 19

It has been a great nineteenth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    What a big girl, rolling over and everything. She will be on the move no stopping her now.

  2. Cecilia

    Can’t wait to see you guys, you both are such great parents. You should be very proud.

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