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Philbrook Museum: Beautiful Home Beautiful Art Beautiful Place

Philbrook Museum is situated in the beautiful home of Waite Phillips an oil pioneer who built his Italian Renaissance styled Villa in the 1920s where  Waite and his wife were art collectors and established an extensive collection in their home.  Eventually they opened up their collection to the public and today more than a hundred thousand people a year visit the museum.  It is a great museum to visit if you are ever in the Tulsa area of Oklahoma. 

Philbrook Architecture
The art collection found at this museum encompasses a variety of fields from European to Native American and modern to anitquities. Several famous artists like Picasso, Thomas Moran, and Rodin among many others. Karen and I went on the second Saturday of the month which is their free day which made the experience even better though the museum is definitely worth the modest entrance fee.
I was really impressed with just how well the art and the architecture of the house came together so seamlessly. In all honestly, the house was in our opinion just as wonderful as the artwork. Karen and I kept walking around saying, “could you imagine living in place like this.” We also liked how each area of the house was dedicated to a different art collection. We have not been to many art museums, but we walked away from the Philbrook Museum captivated by the amount and variety of artwork that was on display.
Philbrook Garden
Karen’s favorite collection at the Philbrook was their American collection she really enjoyed the colonial portraitures and how realistic some of the paintings worked. I also enjoyed that area because of the western work of artists like Thomas Moran. Neither of us is into abstract art and enjoys artwork that has a more natural feel. I really appreciated the amount of work from their European Collection including their large collection of Italian art.
African Art
Besides the wonderful things to see on the inside of the Philbrook Museum there are some amazing things to see on its grounds. The landscape and garden area of the museum is just beautiful. There is countless number of flowers and plants that are placed around an artificial pond and stream with a Greek columned gazebo as its centerpiece. There are also several sculptural works throughout the garden.
Looking at the Western Art
The Philbrook Museum is a wonderful experience for anybody that likes architecture, art, or gardens. It is not overly large that it will take up your entire day to see but at the same time it is not so small that you will feel like you did not get your money’s worth. Karen and I really enjoyed our time at the museum and highly recommend going especially if you can go on one of their free days. I also recommend going during the spring or summer months so you can see the garden area at its finest.

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Philbrook Museum
Philbrook Museum
Located at 2727 South Rockford Rd., Tulsa
Hours of Operation- Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. extended hours until 8 p.m. on Thursdays closed on Mondays
Cost as of this Posting – Seniors 62 and over $7.00 everybody else is $9.00
For more information visit their website at http://philbrook.org/

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