Oct 08

Monday Musing: A to Z Travel Part 2

After making the first part of my list and just reviewing it I should call it my bucket list because it will take a lifetime of work to even come close to paying for all of those trips.  Here is to winning the lottery!  If you want to check out my A to Z Travel list part 1 click here.

N is for New York

  • I know a lot of people would say New York City and Karen and I would love to go there and see the sights, but I am just as interested in seeing the rest of the state from Niagara Falls and some of the historical sites like Fort Ticonderoga, and the Adirondacks.

O is for the Oregon Coast

  • Scenic lookouts, sandy and rugged beaches, forests to get lost in, lots of wildlife and other stunningly beautiful things I want to see on a vacation.

P is for Puerto Rico

  • Karen and I got be on Puerto Rico for about 30 minutes on a layover on our flight to St. Johns.  I hope we can go back and see the island that is rich in history, has wonderful beaches and rainforests, and from what I have heard some incredible snorkeling especially on some of the outlying islands on its eastside.

Q is for Quebec

  • Being a history teacher I am always interested in seeing the history that I talk about in class.  One of the things that I teach in my class is the French and Indian War, and I think it would be really interesting to see one of the oldest cities in North America.

R is for Rome

  • Art, historic sites, the fountains, and statues, just the romantic nature of being in Rome.  I do not know how I would handle the flight there, but I would be willing to try in order to see one of the most historical cities in the world.

S is for South Africa

  • Lots of wildlife from great national parks to being able to cage dive with great white sharks or see them jump out of the water would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and that is what going on vacation should be all about.

T is for Turks and Caicos

  • We had heard that these are some of the best islands to go to in the Caribbean to see the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea.  We want to go and find out if that person was telling us the truth.

U is for Utah

  • Utah is becoming one of my favorite places to go because there is just so many things to see there especially in the southern portion of the state.  Arches, Bryce, Zion, and Capital Reef National Parks not to mention one of my more memorable vacations as a child, which was house boating on Lake Powell.  It is just a great state and one that I would like to explore more.

V is for the Virgin Islands

  • Karen and I went on our honeymoon to Saint Thomas and Saint Johns and we would really like to go back to those islands, but not stop there we would like to see Saint Croix and the British Virgin Islands.  We had such a fun time during our first visit and we want to see what the rest of the islands have to offer.

W is for Wales

  • This is where my mom’s side of the family is from (well at least my Papa my Nana is 100% Irish and if I said anything different I think she would haunt me).  I think all of us would jump at the opportunity, if given the chance, to go back and see where we come from.

X is for Xcaret

  • Xcaret is one of the Mayan archaeological sites located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  Of course this would be coupled with staying in the Riviera Maya and seeing other attractions in the area and snorkeling in some fantastic waters along that coast.

Y is for Yellowstone National Park

  • One of my favorite places that I have even been to.  I could go back there every year for vacation and not get bored with it.  There are so many things to see and hikes to do it is just a wonderful place and we would love to go back the first chance that we get.

Z is for Zoos

  • No matter where Karen and I go one thing that is for certain is that we will be stopping by any local zoos along the way.  Karen and I are big fans of zoo and though we are not always happy about some of the conditions the animals are in, we are happy about the conservation efforts that zoos take part in.

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  1. freda

    Sounds like some fun places to go, some might be a little bit scary for me.
    Karen has already been to Rome and Vatican City and a few other cities in Italy. Maybe she can show you around.

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