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M’s week 17

M week 17

17 week photo

We are so blessed, little miss M is just such a sweetheart.  She squeals and coos and babbles the day away with hardly any cries or complaints.  She is so fun to spend time with, I need to do a ‘day in the life’ post pretty soon so you guys can see how we spend our days.  We have a good little routine down.

She is so close to rolling over I can’t even explain it.  Just today when I rolled her to her tummy, she wasn’t 100% flat on her belly yet and she was able to roll back over to her back.  I don’t think it quite counts yet since she wasn’t officially on her tummy but I just can’t believe it, she will be crawling before we even realize it!

She is getting really good at ooching her little self around.  When she’s lying on her back she thrusts her feet out and pulls her body down towards her feet.  I can’t believe how far she can move in such a short amount of time!

Highlight of the week:

Karen- M got to feel the rain on her skin for the very first time this week.  Grandpa came over to help with some outside work and M and I were outside with him when it started sprinkling.  We didn’t stay outside very long, but she got to feel a few little wet drops.

Kenny- During tummy time, M holding her head up so good like a big girl.  All the little movements she makes are so fun, every movement seems to have a purpose now as apposed to just flinging her arms and legs.  She is reaching out to grab stuff and pull it towards her.  She is just growing up fast.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- We tried out our bottle this weekend.  It is a breastflow bottle that the lactation consultant recommended.  It is supposed to more closely mimic breast feeding for the baby.  I can’t say I love it.  M kind of chewed on it a little bit and looked at me like ‘Mommy what are you doing?’.  She probably ate about a teaspoon.  Oh well, we will try again.  I know she will get the hang of it one of these days.  We don’t really NEED her to take a bottle, it would just be better for times when I need to be away from her or so Kenny and I can sneak in a date.

Kenny- M is finally big enough to try out her Baby Einstein Exersaucer.  We were waiting until her little neck was strong enough.  She got to try it out this week and she is just in awe.  Her eyes got big and she just didn’t know what to think about all these new fun things surrounding her.  Her little legs are barely long enough for her feet to graze the ground.  She is just big stuff.


Karen- It is still a struggle for me to let her play on her own.  I feel like I am abandoning her, like every moment she is awake I need to be interacting with her, growing her brain and strengthening her little body.  I’m trying to convince myself that letting her play on her own is helping her learn self reliance and independence.

Kenny- The last couple of weeks we have had a lot of cross country meets.  It makes for long days and sometimes I feel like I hardly get to see M.  I enjoy the meets and coaching is certainly a highlight of my teaching day, but it is not worth missing time with my sweet girls.
M in Exersaucer

    Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- I am learning just how adaptable M is becoming.  She is braver than me about trying new things and going new places.  I really need to do my best to get out there and do things with her.  I tend to be a home body, but she does so well I will try to do more new things with her.

Kenny- We definitely have to watch what is around her.  Anything she can get her hands on goes straight to her mouth.

Quote of the week:

(My Dad while holding M outside) what a little bright eyes! 

(while bouncing M to sleep for the third attempt that night) you are getting sleepy…..verrrry sleepy… 
M vs Giraffe week 17

   M vs Giraffe Week 17

It has been a great seventeenth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    Wow she looks so healthy and happy. I love the pic of her in the exersaucer.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      She really is enjoying her exersaucer in fact everytime we take her out of it she just looks at it as we pull her away.

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