Oct 01

Monday Musing: A to Z Travel Part 1

Karen and I have been thinking about our next big trip idea and we have a few that we are trying to choose from.  While thinking about where we would want to go I started daydreaming about all the places that I want to see.  Since there are so many my daydreaming lasted a lot longer then it should have.  So I thought it might be fun and good place to put down my thoughts to make an A to Z list of trip ideas that I have had recently.  This of course is a dream list, and time, children, and money have put the kabosh on many of these ideas, but that is what makes dreaming so fun, it does not have to fit the reality of the situation.  Who knows maybe someday this dream list will come true there is always hope that Karen and my situation will change and we could afford all these big trip ideas.  To read about our last A to Z list click here.

A is for Australia

  • With so many great things to see in the United States from the National Park System to the many wonderful museums that are found all in the U.S. Karen and I have not really made it a point to travel outside of America.  However, Australia has always been on my wish list but I want to do it right with at least two weeks at a minimum.  So it looks like Australia will have to be something that we do when we retire or hit the lottery.

B is for Boston

  • As a U.S. History teacher Boston is on my must see list and hopefully sooner rather then later.  There is just so much history to see there and to be able to stand in the same area as some of the people that I talk about in class would truly be amazing.

C is for Canada

  • Canada, our great neighbors to the north, will probably be the first foreign country that Karen and I will see together.  After reading about some of the national parks that they have in Canada I am excited about eventually making the trip up there.    

D is for Denali

  • Denali National Park, home to the highest mountain in North America, great wildlife viewing, and the prospect of seeing one of the last wild spaces on the planet is why it is on my bucket list.

E is for England

  • We would love to travel to England. I would love to see the history of it while Karen would want to see majesty of a country that still has kings and queens.  Of course we would have to go in the fall or winter to catch a soccer game, we just better not call it ‘soccer’ while we are over there.

F is for the Florida Keys

  • We tried to go there once and almost made it until Karen became extremely ill.  Needless to say we saw the insides of a very common hotel room for about a week before we had to catch our flight and head back home.

G is for the Galapagos Islands

  • We have seen lots of pictures from other blogs and other places and it just seems like a once in lifetime trip.

H is for Hawaii

  • I am talking about the Big Island which is also known as Hawaii.  Karen and I have been blessed enough to be able to travel to three of the Hawaiian Islands and we both agree that Hawaii is our favorite one and would love to go back.

i is for Iceland

  • A place that I thought I would never want to travel to but after learning more about it and some of the interesting geology features it just seems like a fun place to travel to.

j is for Jamaica

  • Having been to St. Thomas and St. Johns we would like to see some more the Caribbean.

K is for Kauai

  • Kauai is the last of the bigger Hawaiian Islands that we have not been to.  We have talked to several people who have traveled there on honeymoons and have talked about how romantic it is so maybe for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

L is for Louisiana

  • I have never been to New Orleans would like to see it.  Another thing that makes us want to go to Louisiana would be to take a tour of the bayou.

M is for Montana

  • Karen and I have been in just a little bit of Montana and we liked what we saw.  Of course we were there in the summer time, but we would like to go back and see some more of the Big Sky Country.  Glacier National Park would have to be a part of any trip there.

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  1. freda

    Whew, I’m tired already of all the flying or driving.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      For us half the fun is in the planning or in this case the dreaming!

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